Monday, July 3, 2017

Happy Early July 4th

Hello Everyone,

First off I would like to wish everyone a happy early July 4th I hope that all of you stay safe and enjoy some family time if that is possible. This week went by really fast I did a lot of traveling and delivery of supplies so different missionaries and that was fun I went to Goa twice and I went to Pamplona as well and that was all pretty smooth and I was supposed to go to Iriga as well but somethings came up and I was needed in the mission office so I wasnt able to go but it was fine everything worked out so this week was not as much work inside the office for me but more work outside of the office which was fine with me and that is how the office is something different all the time. The rest of the time that I had in the office was just spent filling orders and reporting the mileage on the mission vehicles here in the Philippines Naga Mission because June is over now but no problem I got everything done and this week I will be in the office most of the week I do not have any travels planned right now and I probably wont have any maybe one. 

Aside from the office, me and Elder Go worked a lot in our newish area in Cararayan we have found a lot of new investigators which has been good granted they have all been 14 years of age and below which is a little tough because we have to talk to their parents and get consent but that is just an example of how the families work here in the Philippines sometimes it is hard because for some of them their parents have already made it on beyond the veil and they have passed away which is very hard and some of the other ones the parents are just so busy with work they dont really have time to become close as a family because they have to use all the time they have to make money so they can have food to eat for tomorrow an example of that we also found a family and we have been focusing on the oldest who's name is Erika and she is about 14 years old and she really has a desire to learn but it is tough because here other siblings are always there and they are so rambunctious and loud but it is okay it is just hard to see what happens because when her siblings around it is hard to teach but when it is just her in the lesson then she is a different person she is so intent and wanting to learn. Yesterday when she came to church, we thought it was just her that was going to come to church but it ended up being all four of them it was Erika and her two younger sisters who are like 9 and 6 and then her little brother who is like 4 or 5 years old and they all came to church because their mother was gone at work Sunday morning and their father was not really capable of watching the children so since Erika was in charge they all came which was fine. 

It just took me back to when I was little and we used to bring "church bags" to church when me and my siblings were younger inside the church bags were a snack and different church related activities to do during sacrament meeting and then I just thought back and said to myself I wasnt prepared for these little children I dont have any "church bags" what are these little children going to do during sacrament meeting but no worries we made it through and they went to nursery as well so we made it through and next week we will see what happens. I had 9 investigators come to church yesterday so that was great I thought hopefully they will come again next Sunday

I dont really have any other stories to share right now but I also did help Elder Miller clean out any old apartment this week that we are in the process of getting rid of so that was a dirty job but it was a fun job as well we cleaned and took out some of the supplies that they had left in the apartment and by the end of the week that should be done as well. But above all I know that this church is true and that anyone who will take the time to read the Book of Mormon they will come to know that it is true in every form and from every angle it is the most perfect book upon the face of this Earth and I encourage everyone to read it and if you do not have a copy that is not a problem all you have to do is find some missionaries they will have some and they will give them to you and for sure there are a set of missionaries either elders or sisters where ever you live and I promise that they will be more than happy to talk to you and I know that Joseph Smith is a true Prophet of God regardless of what anyone says about him and I hope that all of you have a great first full week of July.

Elder Chilson      

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