Monday, June 26, 2017

Senior Missionary Couple

Hello Everyone,

So this week was a pretty busy one because the new Senior Couple Missionaries came this week so a lot of my time was spent getting their house ready and their car as well. So I got their car fixed up and that was already which was sort of a miracle all in itself because what I was waiting for were some parts that had to come from Manila and luckily they came and the car was finished the day before they arrived here in Naga so I am pretty sure that the Lord's hand was in that and he made it so that those parts that the Senior Couple's car needed got here in time. That goes as well for their house coming together as well we had some struggles with the air conditioning and some other minor details but in the end their house was ready by the time that they arrived, I was there all day last Thursday helping President and Sister Zapanta putting things together then I was there again on Friday to make sure that everything was in place for their arrival. Elder and Sister Hansen are their names and they are so nice they are from Southern UT in the desert and they are very excited about the missionary work here in the Philippines Naga Mission and they are so willing to serve which is awesome as well. 

Other than that I went to Daet on Saturday on a delivery run and I went to the furthest area in the Philippines Naga Mission again it is about 3 hours it is nothing like driving from TN and back so I can handle it no problem most people think it is pretty far but I have a lot of experience driving/riding in cars so it is not that far for me and it was a pretty nice trip and I will be doing some more delivery runs this week as well so hopefully that will all go smoothly as well. We have been working as best as we can as well in Cararayan our new area outside of the office and we have a baptism that is scheduled for this Saturday we had one of our investigators make it through the baptismal interview no problem yesterday after church so that is very exciting as well. We have been working really hard with members that live there in Cararayan so that we can continue to get familiar with the area and I have an example that I would like to share with all of you that shows just how important members are to missionary work and this applies to everyone and anywhere, where ever you live. 

So last night me and Elder Go went and worked in Cararayan and it was the first time that we worked without a member with us and we thought that we were going to be able to find the house of one of our Recent Converts from the past missionaries that served in Cararayan (and of course I am pretty good with directions like my Dad I thought to myself no problem we can find it) what ended up happening was we tried to find the Recent Convert's house and we ended up going to a pretty rough part of our area that we did not really know about so we got into a little bit of a tough situation and for the first time in my mission I got a feeling that we shouldnt be here (and most people know about me that I am not afraid of anyone or anything) and I just got this feeling that straight up said we shouldnt be there so I turned to Elder Go and said "hindi siya maganda dito po" and then he agreed and we both said to each other "pangit dito po talaga po" and then we left and then we continue to find the house but we never ended up finding him but maybe another time we will find that Recent Convert. I do not know what might of happened if we had stayed there but I am glad that we left when we did I am sure that there was a reason for us leaving that place when we did but that just goes to show me and hopefully all of you that members are so important to missionary work and missionaries anywhere whether you think so or not they need members help regardless of circumstances or place. I know that if we had a member with us to guide us last night me and Elder Go would not have found ourselves in that tough situation and we would have found the house of the Recent Convert but I know that everything happens for a reason because while we were looking for that Recent Convert we found a new family to teach and they are really interested in our message so hopefully they will continue to listen to us and to accept the gospel in their lives and continue on the path to eternal life. I know that this work is the work of the Lord and that as we continue to find missionary opportunities we will find them and with the Lord's help we will know what they need and how we can help Heavenly Father's children get back to him. I hope that you all have a great week! 

Elder Chilson

A Cool Mountain 
 Elder Chilson standing on top of the Senior Missionary Couple's House.
    Jose Panganiban the furthest area in the Philippines Naga Mission.

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