Monday, September 18, 2017

Birthday Week

Hello Everyone,

This week was another great week, even though it was a busy week. A lot happened this week and a lot of it surrounded what they call "PenaFrancia Fiesta" here in Naga City so this whole week they had a lot of different events like parades, processions, parties and things like that I would say that is sort of like New Years or the 4th of July back home but this is all Catholic Religion based mostly centered on Mother Mary (The Mother Jesus) so there were a lot of roads closed around Naga City this week so it made it hard to get around in cars but I made it through some pretty tough situations which was nice in the van sometimes it would take me one hour to go not very far distances (distances that would normally take me 15mins or 20mins) the traffic was that bad I had never experiences traffic that bad in my whole life but it was a fun experience nevertheless. There were several parades that went in front of the office that were very loud that had loud marching bands that would assemble at 6am so that was a fun wake-up call as well but overall I am glad to have experienced the PenaFrancia Fiesta here in Naga City.

This week as well I was able to get back to some of my roots here in the Philippines and as far as my roots I mean manual labor. Anyone who knows me pretty well knows that I enjoy working hard and to do manual labor for other people. That is what I was able to do this week for other missionaries because we had 3 areas that moved houses this week they were in Tinambac, Pili and in Canaman and so I was able to help move their things by loading them into the van and then by unloading the van and helping them get situated into their new houses, needless to say I did a lot of lifting this week of various objects and,  I also did a fair amount of driving as well and I went to Del Gallego as well to deliver supplies. 

This week was also my birthday week and I cannot believe that I will not have another birthday in the mission and that a year ago now I was in the Provo MTC it seems like that was much longer ago, but I enjoyed my birthday I actually got up at 5am on my birthday and I went to Del Gallego for a little adventure and made some deliveries and I had cake that Elder Miller made, and I opened my gifts and such so it was a special day in some respects but in all other aspects I was just another day I still went out to work in Cararayan as well and we found some new investigators as well that have potential. The funniest thing was for me at the Mission Home last night I had a special dinner over there for my birthday and there was cake and all that and Zander (The Zapanta's youngest child) just kept asking why there was the number 20 candles in the middle of the cake he did not quite understand that it was birthday but it was still pretty cute. This upcoming week should be pretty busy as well and I cannot believe that September is now half over now time is going by so fast so we need to embrace every moment that we have on this Earth because the various opportunities that we get there is a good chance that they might not becoming around a second time, just live life for all that it is worth and we will receive many great blessings from our Heavenly Father in the many mansions that have been prepared for us.

Elder Chilson


Birthday Dinner at President and Sister Zapanta's      

Monday, September 11, 2017

Another Transfer Week

Hello Everyone,

This week was another whirlwind for me because it was another transfer week but things went pretty smoothly again so that was good there were only 9 of them that went home so they all fit into the van so that was nice and nothing crazy ridiculous happened either which was good even though there plane was late but what else is new. The new missionaries that just came in are pretty cool as well it is so weird for me to think of myself as an older missionary in the Philippines Naga Mission because sometimes I think of myself as still a missionary that has not been out for a very long time but that is not the case especially after I look back at all of the new batches of missionaries that I have picked up from the airport that is what gets me. Other than transfers I have just been keepoing busy with other things that have been going on in the office mostly getting caught up on a few things because of most of last week I was in San Fernando with Elder Gatewood but I got all of those things taken care of, all of my reports in, deliveries and other miscellaneous tasks taken care of. 

I traveled some as well this week some for deliveries and some for emergencies. I went to Tinambac and Goa twice for both places this week once on official business and then another time in place of President Zapanta on emergency missionary business but do not worry everything is taken care of now I was just happy to be in the position where I was able to out in the ways that I did and make President Zapanta's life easier as the Mission President. That is one of the big reasons that I am here in the Mission Office anyways is to help my Mission President and make his life easier because he cannot do everything for the whole mission by himself so that is why I am here as part of his office staff to help out in anyways that I can. 

Sister Zapanta always talks about how service is a great opportunity the Lord and his children but at the same time that it is such a special opportunity to serve those that serve Lord full-time (Missionaries) those kind of opportunities do not come that often to everyone so I am so grateful to my Heavenly Father for this opportunity that I had to serve the Missionaries of the Lord this has been an amazing experience and it has opened my eyes as well to how much it really takes to run a mission and it just amazes me how I have seen President Zapanta balance his Mission President responsibilities as well as his family responsibilities as well I already love President Zapanta very much but at the same time he just takes things on to another level that just solidifies my testimony that his is a man called of God to carry the assignment of Mission President here in the Philippines Naga Mission and I cannot deny that.

Also right now in Naga they have what they call the PenaFrancia and it is just like this big festival that they have for the whole month of September here in Naga City so they have lots of carnivals and parades and things like that as sort of a celebration and there are a lot of Catholic traditions incorporated in as well and it has also been raining a lot recently so maybe that means that winter is coming soon for me now here in the Philippines so that is exciting that is will be wet but not as hot so I will see about that as well so that is a little bit of culture as well for you September is well under way now and for anyone that was curious or had forgotten my BIRTHDAY is on THURSDAY and I am turning 20!!!!!!!!! so that is exciting too

Elder Chilson         

Monday, September 4, 2017

Van Tire

Hello Everyone,

This week did not turn out as I thought that it would have so I got a text from President Zapanta Tuesday night that I was going to be working in San Fernando until Sake Conference and so I was a little surprised but at the same time I was excited fro the opportunity to work in San Fernando with Elder Gatewood so I cleared my schedule because I was going to be about of the office for the week and I took care of a few matters of business over the phone and everything was fine I was just thankful for the opportunity to have a little change of pace and get back to being a proselyting missionary again for a few days and then of course right now I am in the office again and I have continued with all of my responsibilities. While I was in San Fernando me and Elder Gatewood had a lot of fun together because we have a lot in common and we both had a strong desire to do what was best for our investigators in San Fernando. 

I also sang in a special choir for Stake Conference and that went well also the music I did not really agree with but it was okay I was not really familiar with the music but I did my best and I learned the music pretty quickly and I actually ended up getting a solo as well which was a little crazy but the conductor knew that I could sing pretty well because most people in the Naga Stake now know that I can sing pretty well so I gave it my best effort and I thought that it went pretty well and overall Stake Conference went pretty well I enjoyed the meeting and the messages that were given.         

I had a special experience on Sunday after Stake Conference and it was regarding one of the tires on the van just like you said kanina that you just got a new tire as well last week yata so when we got back from Stake Conference and I noticed that the time was losing air fast and I was like this is grate I have an appointment at the LTO bukas for some missionaries to get their drivers licenses but then I thought to myself well I guess this is good that I am at least in the Mission Office parking lot and not on the side of the road somewhere so I will just change the tire and throw on the spare and then bukas ng umaga I will just get another tire no problem and so I jacked up the van and got everything set no problem and then it came to the lugnuts and I tried and gave it all that I had for 1 and half hours and I could not budge any of those lugnuts and I had Elder De Silva come out and help me too and we could not budge them at all and I was like great we are going to need some real equipment to get these lugnuts off and it is Sunday so there are not that many options so I suggested to Elder De Silva do you want to go for a walk and he was like sure and so we walked up to the Petron and there was a man by the name of Victor he was the "Service Technician" at the Petron Station and we convinced him to come with us and to help us and he did and within 30 seconds of his time there he had the first lugnut loose and I was like wow it is a miracle and then he got them all off in like under 5 minutes and then I said thank you and then as he headed toward the gate of the Mission Office a voice came into my head just as clear as anything that said "he is an angel sent from on high" and I can only believe that voice was the Holy Ghost and I know that the Lord knew the situation that I was in and due to my humility and my willingness to ask for help the Lord as opposed as me trying on my own in my eyes I tried the best that I had I gave it everything that I had and then I turned the rest over to the Lord and he provided a way for me to accomplish what I needed lalo lalo na I was in the Lord's Service and I remember that words of President Eyring that go something like "when we are in the Lord's Service we are never a lone" and I know that this is true (Sorry for the mixed in Tagalog words) also here in the Naga where I am serving right now "Fiesta" is starting up it is like a big festival that they have here in the Naga for the month of September so that should be exciting as well as I will begin to share what I learn about that along with other Philippines culture here in the Philippines Naga Mission. 

I hope that all of you in New York have a great start to your school year and to everyone that has already started school good luck as well!

Elder Chilson   

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Monday, August 28, 2017

Zone Conference and Travel

Hello Everyone,

This week was a pretty good one this week was all of Zone Conferences and a quick side note for President and Sister Zapanta their whole week was conferences because from Tuesday-Friday they had had Zone Conferences with missionaries and then from Saturday-Sunday they had a District Conference in Iriga so you can imagine what their schedule was like this week. I personally enjoyed my Zone Conference it was a great experience as it always is and I always enjoy learning that things that we can do as missionaries to improve and become more efficient and to move the Lord's Work forward in the way that he wants us to and not the ways of man. I know that my mission president and his wife have been called of God to preside over this mission at this time while I have been assigned to serve here as well I know that Heavenly Father is mindful of each of us and he knows what we need and he knows how to help us and he gives us trials and hard things so we can grow and progress here in our time on Earth. 

I also did some traveling this week as well which all went well, I made a delivery trip to the Iriga this past week, so I went to all of the missionaries apartments except for the Baao Sister's house because they were having a fiesta when I went to the main road that I wanted to go down was closed so I had to go around Baao to get to Iriga City and so then I tried on the way back to go to the Baao Sister's house but there were a lot of people that were in the streets partying and enjoying their fiesta so I just decided to go a different way to avoid Baao on my way back to Naga City. Then I ended up going to Sipocot as well this week so I went to all of the missionaries apartments between Naga City and Sipocot in the Pamplona Zone so I went to Pasacao, Pamplona, Libmanan, and Sipocot and I had plans to go to Del Gallego as well but I received a text from President Zapanta so we came back because President Zapanta needed my van in Iriga City because he was having some problems with his van so I took his van over to the dealership and of course got things taken care of it turns out that some water or something got into the fuel filter so they had to change that out so now the check engine light is off the dash board which is good. 

We spent a lot of time this week contacting referrals which was fun we recently got a lot of referrals and so me and Elder De Silva have been working on contacting referrals so we found this one family and they are pretty cool I think that they have a lot of potential to be baptized and so we had a pretty solid lesson with them and they agreed to come to church yesterday and believe it or not they came to church and the awesome part is that the people that came to church brought a friend as well who was interested in I guess the church so he came to church and we met him and he said that he wants us to teach as well which is awesome so I hope that things will continue and that they will really progress and I hope that they will continue to keep other commitments that we give them.        

I guess one more side note that I was approached yesterday by some other people and they asked me to sing in a special choir for stake conference because we have stake conference this upcoming Sunday and of course I agreed so I will be singing in a special choir for stake conference I think that will be fine, I am pretty used to performing with little practice that is what happened when I sang in an all male accapella group we did not really practice all that much and then we would perform so that does not really bother me anymore but I think that it should be good and I love bearing testimony through song so that is always a plus as well and I know in New York that school is starting up now and some of you probably already started school so I wish all of you the best for this new school year.

Elder Chilson   

Monday, August 21, 2017

Three Fridges

Hello Everyone,

I cannot believe that August is almost over and that this week is another Zone Conference week. This week was a pretty good week for me I had a baptism again this week and that went well we had two young men that were baptized and it was a very nice service and I played the piano again and that went fine and it was just awesome to here in one of the young men got baptized when he bared his testimony he talked about how he wanted to serve a mission and that was just awesome to me that the young men and younger people that are baptized they are the future leaders of the church and the future priesthood holders so they are really important and they are also of the chosen generation of Heavenly Father's children so of course they are important to him as well. 

Also I had a solid follow-up visit with the doctor this week and he said that I do not have anymore symptoms and that the Dengue Fever had now left my body and he said that I did not have any restrictions no more medicine and all that so that is great for me. So I also made a delivery this past week to the Goa Zone and that was a fun trip it is about 2 hours to Goa roughly and I had a special delivery there as well because believe it or not this week I had to take care of 3 broken refrigerators and here in the Philippines it is very hot so missionaries like need to have their refrigerators to keep food cold and such and so I had 2 fridges that were broken in Goa and they were both for Sister Missionaries appts so I went to Goa and took care of them one of them is fixed now because I talked to the Tatay there in Goa and he agreed to fix it and I told the Sisters to just follow up with me if there was any trouble and that one is okay then there was another one in Lagonoy that was broken to so I took a temporary fridge up to them because it is more rural so I am not sure when someone with get up there to fix it I am still working on that because normally I bring everything that is broken back here to Naga and get it fixed because I have connections but Lagonoy/Goa is sort of far so I am trying not to transport as many fridges as I can because it is sort of a pain anyways I got a third one fixed this week for another appt for Sisters that their fridge was broken as well so those are some of the things that I was dealing this week here in the office. 

I also made a special delivery of a couch as well too I dont really have time to explain but me and Elder De Silva teamed up and we got that job done and it was a great feeling. Nothing else really happened here this week that was super exciting. I have just been keeping busy with whatever has been going on. I know that as week continue to give our best efforts to our Heavenly Father he will magnify us to help us arise to the levels that we need to be at for example I played the piano for the first time in a Sacrament Meeting in my life and I had no idea that was going to happen just that 20mins before that Sacrament Meeting started a member of the Bishopric approached me and asked me if I could play and I said okay that is fine and for those of you that know my sisters are much better piano players than I am but I can play several hymns in the hymnal and I can read music pretty well so I ended up playing the piano in Sacrament Meeting and I did fine and I got compliments afterwards from my Bishop and the Bishopric and also from the member of the Stake Presidency that was visiting that particular Sacrament Meeting so that was nice but for me as a missionary that was just me serving the members of the Naga 3rd Ward that being whatever that Bishop asked me to do that was what I was going to do and I see it as an opportunity to serve so of course I accept that with whole heart so bottom line is Service is awesome!!!!!!!! And everyone should be involved in some kind of service and it is a great way to share the gospel as well and I hope that all of you continue to enjoy summer wherever you are.

Elder Chilson       

Monday, August 14, 2017

Dengue Fever

Hello Everyone,

I hope that all of you are doing well for those of you who were not aware or who did not know I am doing well now as well. For those of you who do not know I was hospitalized for three days this past week for Dengue Fever so last Sunday after church I decided it was time that I had to go to the hospital to get some serious medical attention (I will spare all of you the details) but I saw a doctor and he gave me some medicine and it did not really work so I was admitted to that hospital Sunday night and I had a lot of tests done and to make a long story short the doctor concluded that I had Dengue Fever so I was treated for that Monday and Tuesday and then on Wednesday the doctor said I could go home and just take medicine so that is what I did and then I just rested and worked in the office. Then I just picked up with the work that I was doing in the office my Mission President just said that I could not travel to anywhere outside of Naga City for the rest of the week but other than that I did not have any restrictions and last night my appetite came back fully and that was the best thing for me so now I can eat whatever I want now and not have to worry about me stomach getting sick or things like that so that is great and I do have a follow-up appointment with the doctor on this upcoming Wednesday so I will let you know about that next week but everything is fine now I lost some weight with the Dengue Fever but I feel good now. 

In some weird way I think that me going to the hospital was a good thing or a blessing because I still have two investigators that are planning to be baptized this upcoming Saturday so hopefully that will go through and I think that it will so that is pretty exciting for me so I will let you know as well on that for next week but I am really excited about that. I guess I have a quick story as well so I got a lot of deliveries while I was in the hospital so of course when I got out of the hospital I had to take care of all the stuff that got delivered so while I was doing that a saying popped into may head and it was "You are a lot stronger than you think you are" and that is what my mom used to always say to me as I was growing up and as I was carrying all of those boxes of Book of Mormons and before I had the Dengue Fever I could carry two or three boxes at a time (of course that is heavy) but now I just carried them one at a time and the thought came into my head that I do not know if is because I am close to turning 20 my strength is starting to run out or I am for sure not as strong anymore as I used to be before I entered the mission field or whatever but I just thought I am the opposite of stronger than I think I am or I thought I was. (Sorry if that was pretty boring was sort of self-centered on me but some of you might think that it is funny, I did)        

Another quick thought is I have been playing piano more as of recently as well a member of the Bishopric in the ward where I am serving now came up to me yesterday and asked me if I could play prelude music for Sacrament mtg and I was like Sigge po (I said okay) I still have yet to play piano in Sacrament mtg but I have played for several baptisms now. Who knows what will happen or what I will be asked to do as it is whenever I go into one members house I have to sing for them and the Mother that lives there loves my rendition of The Star Spangled Banner that I sang so that was fun as well so this week should be a little bit smoother for me and I should not be that crazy but we will see what ends up happening anything can happen and I cannot believe that this transfer is half over now and that I will be officially over one year now on my mission and that is so crazy I refuse to believe that my mission is half over now but that will just make me work a little bit harder because this opportunity is not coming back to me so I need to push harder and live it up while I have my mission in front of me and thank you for all of your prayers and support in my behave.

Elder Chilson  

Monday, August 7, 2017


Dear Brother Chilson,

This is Sister Zapanta of Philippines Naga Mission, I am writing to inform you that your son Elder Chilson was confined here in the hospital , he was diagnosed to have Dengue fever.
He is closely monitored by the hospital personnel.
His latest Actual Platelet Count is 93.
He wants to say, Don't worry about him, he's doing fine and getting better.
We will update you tomorrow after his repeat Platelet counts.
Thank you!

Hi Sis Chilson This is Sister Hansen a senior missionary here with your son. He is doing much better today and should be out of the hospital soon. He is being well taken care of. From one mom to another don't worry if you can He looks good He's a great missionary