Monday, June 5, 2017

Zone Conferences

Hello Everyone,

This week was a pretty good one even though I traveled a lot this week and spent a lot of time in Zone Conferences this week. So for those of you who are not familiar with Zone Conferences it is like General or Stake Conference or any kind of conference for that matter where a lot of missionaries get together for one meeting and they listen to their Mission President and his wife give training and workshops about how missionaries can improve their skills/work and become better missionaries and of course since I love my Mission President I enjoy Zone Conferences a lot and since I am in the office this time I got to go to 3 of the 4 Zone Conferences for the whole Philippines Naga Mission because President called upon some assistance from his office staff so I got to go and help and of course I enjoyed that. During the Zone Conferences President Zapanta shared some experiences and journal entries from his own personal mission with us which I thought was cool it is cool to see how the Philippines has changed over the years and especially how the church has grown here in the Philippines. 

Aside from working on Zone Conference stuff, I took a trip to the furthest area in the Pamplona Zone it took about 2hrs ish to get there and it is pretty wildernessy which is cool there is really no much there so that was a pretty fun trip because there was not much traffic on that road which was nice so that was a plus factor as well, but that is also probably because there are not that many people that live there that have cars as well. So that can sort of paint a picture of how the lives of the people are their there are a lot of bamboo houses but if you have a cement house you are pretty well off for that part of the mission in which I serve.     

Also, the AC is so nice I love it so much right now I am doing a lot of work with the vehicles and I like traveling to different parts of the mission and seeing what they are like because I have just been around Naga for the most part of my mission. As far as the work in our area we have one investigator that is really progressing but her parents do not want her to get baptized so that is kind of the only trouble there because her father has a strong opinion about the religion that he is a part of but I think that we can still work through it. We have some other investigators that are doing fine we had 5 investigators that came to church last week so that was pretty good as well. I know that as we continue to do our best to be the best examples that we can be to the other people that are around us, they will recognize us as disciples of Jesus Christ and nothing could get better than that than Heavenly Father's children learning about how they can get back to his presence than through his disciples so let us embrace that calling that we have as disciples of Jesus Christ and do his fathers work while we are here on Earth and I know that if we do so there will be more blessing that we can even imagine waiting in heaven for us when we get there. 

Elder Chilson    

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