Monday, May 29, 2017

DYI Project

Hello Everyone, 

For me this week was a little crazy but what else is new I actually got to do a little construction work or a DIY project if you will I got to install some screens for some windows in an elders apartment this week and that was pretty fun, we drilled holes into cement to put the screws in and then we installed the screens, its just what I do odd jobs like that the kind of odd jobs that I would do at home, basically whatever is asked of me that is what I do. We also had some "mid-transfers" this week so things were a little crazy here at the office because missionaries had to come here if they were getting transferred but it was fine we managed and other little things. So that was kind of the "fun stuff or my week" I didnt travel as much this week I did a lot of work with orders and stuff like that.

I also called America this past week a few times as well and that was fun, we use an online phone service which is fun here in the Philippines I have to call late at night in order for the people to be awake in America so that was fun also. I also talked with the vehicle coordinators at the Area Office as well this week. Nothing else really that exciting happened this week here in the office I dont think so you could say that it was a pretty mellow week but this week we have zone conferences that will take place so I have to make sure that all of their supplies are ready and in the right place so when mission go to their zone conference they will be able to get what they need and if not they will come and find me and then they will probably ask me some hard questions so I will avoid that at all costs and I will just make sure everything is organized and in the right place and at the right time to minimize confusion so I am excited for that. 

We got to work with a lot of members from the Naga 2nd Ward this week which was awesome the youth and YSA have such a strong desire to do missionary work here and to work with the missionaries and every time it just brings me back to when I used to work with the missionaries in my home ward as if that was not very long ago but it sort of was because I speak Tagalog or Bicol and not English in lessons but that is not as important. We had some pretty good lessons this week as well we have one investigator whose name is Grace she came to church and she is progressing but her parents are not really that happy that she investigating that church but we are still working on that. I know that as we do our best the Lord will provide a way for us to do what he has asked us to do and I know that to be true. I know that this work that I am a part of right now is the work of the Lord and I am so blessed to have been given this opportunity to serve his children here in the Philippines and I hope that you as well will find opportunities to share what you know to be true with the people around you because I know that you will reap the blessing from it. 

Elder Chilson

 Elder Chilson's office and Supply Closet 
    Elder Chilson and Elder Go in the van that Elder Chilson drives.

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