Monday, May 1, 2017

Filipino Drivers License

Hello Everyone,

I cannot believe that it is May now that is crazy that means that before we know it my mission will be almost half over and that is crazy to think about. Things have been pretty busy this week here in the office because it is transfer week so we have been doing a lot of work regarding that and I was also able to do something this week that not too many other missionaries get to do but because of "special circumstances" Me and Elder Robinson with Sister Zapanta and a certain Sister Missionary we left the Philippines Naga Mission and we went to the Legazpi Mission for a day because we had some stuff we had to do there so that was pretty fun but that is kind of how the office is you have stuff to do and when Sister or President Zapanta call you have to drop everything and do what they say and I personally dont ask question so that was sort of a once in a mission opportunity and I was very lucky to have been able to be a part of that. 

As for the rest of the week I worked a lot on the computer doing "secretary type things" I had to make phone calls and make spreadsheets about supplies and things like that and so that was fun, I have busy with all different things like that and the mail or "pouch" as it is called here in the Philippines, I am in charge of that as well. Also I got my DRIVERS LICENSE!!!!!!! So I have my Filipino Drivers License now which is fun as well so it was sort of hard to get it as well like in NY but eventually we got through the process they have like a medical background check and then because I am an American and not a Filipino I had to do like a "practical test" is what they called so I had to take a drivers test essentially and I did fine even though driving here is different it is okay I have just had to get used to some different things but I can drive here no problem because they are still in the "Right" side here in the Philippines like in America but they have a lot of different vehicles here like tricycles, jeepneys, motorcycles, cars, big truck, etc and mostly all diesel the vehicles that I drive are diesel but it is okay. 

Also I have eaten at the Mission Home now more than I ever had now that I am a part of the Office Staff there are a lot of perks of working in the office but at the same time there are some tough things as well like time is tough, our schedule is crazy and sleep is sometimes hard to come by but luckily I have been blessed to not need a lot of sleep so that doesnt really bother me. I love being able to serve the mission it is an awesome feeling, Sister Zapanta always talks about how special it is to serve the people that serve the Lord and I have felt that for sure since I have been here in the office and I wouldnt trade anything back for this opportunity I also love being able to work side by side with my Mission President IDK how it would be if I had an American Mission President like most of the other missions here in the Philippines but I am so lucky to have a Filipino Mission President and he is awesome I love working for him. I know that this is the work of the Lord I have seen his hand lead me and guide me mismo since I have been here in the Mission Office and I know that he will do the same for you as you call upon his name unceasingly he will come to your aid and he will help you individually and personally I have seen that happen. This is the kind of stuff that I cannot make up I love this work and I hope that all of you will be able to find your part in it as well and see the miracle and the blessings that Heavenly Father has for you and that is my prayer and hope for each one of you.   

Elder Chilson    

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