Monday, April 24, 2017

Trying to call Manila

Hello Everyone,

This was a pretty crazy week there was a lot of stuff that happened and a lot of it was fun and some of it not as much but that is how it goes I have learned when you have a part in keeping a mission running you should just do your part and not ask questions. I cannot believe that my office training is already more than half over that is crazy I will be with my office trainer Elder Robinson for one more week and then he will be transferred and then it will just be all me and I will have to make the "big decisions" not really just the decisions that have to do with the tings I am in charge of. It is not really like as difficult as I may seem to be sounding because obviously if they needed adults to come and work in the mission office then they would go and get adults or senior couples to come and serve in mission offices like they do in America most of the time I think so it is all manageable. 

Towards the end of this week me and Elder Robinson did a lot of traveling which was fun we had to go to Iriga and Pamplona Zones on assignment so that was fun because as office Elders you have cars and have the "go ahead" or the "ability" to go and do whatever you have to complete your job or you assignment (the trouble is most of this stuff I cannot really talk about straight up because it is mission related business, it is not like I am keeping secrets from you guys or everyone but I am just held to confidentiality in some aspects of my assignment as an Office Elder and I cannot really break that I am sure that you guys understand I will be able to talk more about this kind of stuff when I go home). We got to take care of a lot of missionaries this week and it was awesome I love being able to help missionaries and helping them find answers to their problems whatever they maybe sometimes it is just a lot of mics. things but it makes it all worth it for me. 

I will share a funny story quick though that I at least thought was funny. So because of a certain issue that we have been asked to take care of by my Mission President it requires us to call Manila and it is really hard believe me that it is really hard to call Manila and me and Elder Robinson cannot really figure out why. The answer is because maybe two Americans do not really understand the way that the Filipino phone systems work? Yes that would be the answer that you would be looking for so me and Elder Robinson tried for a while using different numbers online to contact the Manila Distribution Center mismo and we used our cell phone and we tried to use the landline phone as well be we dont really know how to use it/it is difficult to use because from what we have figured out is that different numbers you can only call on landline phones and other numbers you can only call on cell phones so I will maybe let you know next week if we conquer that this week or not. Things like that that would not be stumbling block for a polished Mission Office Staff but we are not that so we just do our best to find solutions to the problems that are given to us we are definitely not professionals here in the Mission Office that is for sure but it is fun at the same time.

We also had some investigators come to church yesterday as well which was awesome and a bit of a change for me because in my last area we did not have many investigators that came to church so that was pretty exciting for me. I know that sometimes we are given hard things to do but I know that if we do all that we can and survive through the challenges that we receive that our faith will be strengthen because of it and I know that there are angels in heaven that are cheering us on so whatever the things are that maybe holding us back or keeping us from progressing they are only temporary and it depends on us how we want to respond we can either repent and become happy because of the opportunities Heavenly Father has give us to become more like him or we can just let things be and just waste our lives away. The choice is OURS. 

With Love,
Elder Chilson          

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