Monday, April 3, 2017

Crazy Week

Hello Everyone, 

This week was a bit of a crazy week for me but that was fine because I am pretty good at being flexible, just like in football where ever my coach needs me to play for the team to be successful that is where I will play same here in the mission what ever my mission leaders tell me to do that is what I am going to do because I know that their information comes from Heavenly Father mismo and that is awesome for me I know that the Windows of Heaven are open and that Heavenly Father speaks to us and gives revelation when we need it. Anyways a quick side note I am singing in a missionary Easter Choir so I am pretty excited about that and it was by invitation as well so that was exciting for me to accept that invitation to singing there is so much power para sa akin in bearing testimony through song (D&C 25:12) 

Also I had an experience this week that reminded me of home we were siting on a jeepney(a jeepney is a big form of transportation that they use here in the Philippines it is like a bus and a truck combined) waiting to go to Camaligan from Naga City and there was a lady on the jeepney that was on the phone talking to here children and planing with them what to do because she was going to be late and it just made me think of home because my mom's schedule is always crazy and it was always impossible for here to be everywhere that she needed to be so that is just sort of life but I thought it was funny. Another quick funny story Jehovah's Witnesses came to our door again (I think we need to move to a new apartment just kidding...) This time they spoke English so that was fun we were planning for the day and then I saw some people out side our gate in front of our apartment and I said to my companions I bet those are Jehovah's Witnesses again and then Elder Campo was like okay then you go grab the door and so I was like okay so then I answered the door and sure enough it was Jehovah's Witnesses and they were different than the last ones this time they spoke English because they were from Africa apparently so then me and Elder Brown took care of this one because our Filipino companions ran inside because they are not very good at English but we just talked to them and gave them some reading material so maybe they will read I dont really know it is up to them. 

It is also graduation season right now where I am at in the Philippines at least most colleges and schools right now have graduation so that has been fun it has made me think back to my high school graduation a little which is weird for me to think about but that is life and reality. That is really all that has happened not much else really all that exciting just the same work that we do as missionaries. I hope that this Easter Season will be one of peace hope and joy for all of you. 

Elder Chilson             

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