Monday, March 27, 2017

American Companion

Hello Everyone,

This week went by pretty fast and it is very different having an American as a companion but it is pretty fun so far at the same time, me and Elder Brown have a lot in common so it has been pretty fun so being together and with Elder Campo as well. I do not have any really funny stories to tell this week so sorry we were just basically down to business this week all work and no fun which is fine with me and as most of you know for me working is fun even though sometimes it may appear that I am not having fun I really am that is just sort of the way that Heavenly Father created me. 

We have just been doing a lot of finding and exercising a lot of patience with people in Camaligan because I have been here for a while now in Camaligan I sort of know how these people think and so we have been kind of brainstorming the best way the share the Gospel of Jesus Christ with them. So that has been fun we have been working hard to do just that so yes that is what we have been doing and now that there are three of us Elders here in Camaligan we have been putting our heads together that is about all I can say.
We do have one new investigator who is very receptive here name is Abigail strangely enough so that has been fun to teach here on Saturdaywe had a great lesson with here it was great the three of us were very well in tune with the Holy Ghost I guess because the lesson went very smooth and so we just need to help find the desire to come to church and that is one of the toughest things here in the Philippines I would say and probably similar any where is getting investigators to church but I like a challenge so we will continue to work on that. I am sorry that this is sort of short but maybe next week I will have some more exciting things to talk about but I know that this Church is true with all of my heart this is the work of the Lord that we are all a part of and if we will try our best to share the Gospel I know that we will be blessed with unimaginable blessings. 

Elder Chilson   

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