Monday, March 20, 2017

Jehovah Witness Missionaries

Hello Everyone,

So I am actually not getting transferred I am going to be in Camaligan still for at least on more transfer of at this time until my mission president tells me to leave. I was a little surprised when I talked to my Zone Leaders and they said that I was not getting transferred but they said that we are going to become a trisome again and I was like "Yes" but this time the new missionary is an American as well Elder Brown and he is form ID and he is my batch so we came to the Philippines at the same time so that is pretty exciting for me but I have been here for a long time now in this area but that is okay for me I know that my work is not finished in Camaligan so I will just continue to do what we are doing here and help other people Come unto Christ. 

I also had a funny experience with Jehovah's Witness Sister Missionaries this week they actually came to our house (There are a lot of Jehovah's Witness Members/Missionaries here in the Philippines) and so during our Personal Study some of them came to our house and of course Elder Campo was like you go answer the door so I was like okay I am not afraid of anyone and I looked out the window and I knew right away who they were so I was like "Marhay na aga po Sister's" (Good Morning Sisters in Bicol) and they got scared IDK if it was because I am an American or because I was a Mormon Missionary and then they were just like "ito po para sa lahat po" (this is for everyone in Tagalog) and then they gave me their little hand-out and then they ran away and I mean they moved fast after I closed the door so that was funny

So not a what whole lot of other stuff has happened this week so we have just been working, basically teaching people and finding people to teach but one thing is that I have been eating a lot of ice cream recently just FYI because I cannot seem to go to sleep at night without ice cream because it is so hot that after we get home at night I need a serious cool down but that is all part of the fun "diba" as a missionary so I will just keep rolling with it. I know that God's hand is in this work I have seen his hand many times since I have been here in the Philippines as a missionary and I know that as we will look for his hand in our everyday lives we will find it there as well and that whatever we need he will provide it according to our faith. 
Elder Chilson   

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