Monday, March 13, 2017


Hello Everyone,

This week was a great week first off we had a very fun Service Project that we go to help out with this week at least it was fun for me. We basically ended up clearing this field with what they call "itaks" they are basically mini matchtes so that is pretty fun, I have used "itaks" a couple different times now and I am not bad using one so essentially what we did was mow a pretty high lawn with "itaks" so what could be more fun than that right? Well I had a lot of fun and what was even better was the family that we were working for they were so grateful for the work that we did that was what really made me happy. Even sometimes the wierd looks that I get form Filipinos when me as an American doing things the "old fashiond way" here in the Philippines that does not bother me for me if someone can just show me how I can usually do it to the best of my ability but there are somethings that are just really hard at the same time to do but that is okay as well. 

I also ended up baptizing again this past week and that was a cool experience as well I have now baptized a set of twins into the church so that is something that I will probably never forget and neither will they. President Zapanta is also pushing a lot more emphasis on the Book of Mormon right now which for me is awesome, I think that we can all use the Book of Mormon for effectively in our studies and in our as missionaries be it full time missionaries or member missionaries so that is just a little food for thought for all of you guys out there that if you are looking for a missionary opportunity but are not sure where to find one first pray then open up the Book of Mormon and read some then listen to the Holy Ghost and then I can promise you that it may not be immediately but you will then come to know what you should do with the Book of Mormon to create a missionary experience for yourself and I can promise you as well that you will be blessed for what you end up doing and if you are nervous put for faith in Christ and everything will happen the way that it is supposed to and that no harm will come to you but you will be supported with what you need.

We were supposed to go to Mt Isarog today for our district activity but we got rained out so that was a bit of a downer but it was okay we made other arrangements so we went somewhere else so it just goes to show that even during the summer here in the Philippines when it is not supposed to rain there is always still an opportunity for rain so just keep that in mind but it is okay with me because when it rains it is not quite as hot which is a plus and I hope that your March is going well so far for all of you.  
Elder Chilson     

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