Monday, March 6, 2017

5th Belt Notch

Hello Everyone,

I cannot believe that it is March that is crazy for me to think that I have been in the Philippines now for over 5 months it seems like it has been longer, sometimes I just sit back and think to myself wow I am really a real missionary right now not just a member doing missionary type things like before my mission. Anyways I am also on the 5th notch on my belt now so that is a little scary for me to think about as well I do not feel like I am losing that much weight but at the same time my clothes keep getting bigger or my body keeps getting smaller so I left home on the 3rd notch and then in my first area I moved to the 4th notch and now I am on the 5th notch so that is fun but it is my life now and by the way it is really hot now all the time this week I noticed for reals that my skin is getting darker but that is because the sun is really hot here but it is okay my body has adjusted so I can still sleep so no problem with that. 

We have been working with this one family in particular pretty hard the Flourita Family and they did not end up coming to church yesterday but we still had a pretty solid lesson with them about Temples and the Word of Wisdom so that was pretty fun though me and my companion have a pretty strong feeling that they will become members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints but we are just not sure when so we will continue to work with them and with our other investigators to help them to see and feel of the joy that the Gospel of Jesus Christ brings to them and to their families at least from what I have experienced. I have seen the Gospel of Jesus Christ bless my family and other families that I know as well in many different ways it is so awesome if only everyone would open their heart and their mind to it but obviously that is why we have missionaries and a part of a reason why I am here in the Philippines right now. 

I know that this Church is true with all of my heart and that as people will read the Book of Mormon they will come to know that as well that Joseph Smith is a true Prophet of God regardless of peoples past or background but anyone who reads it and prays about it they will know of it's truthfulness and the joy that comes from learning about the plan that God has for each one of his children. This is what I do in a nutshell as a missionary and it is a lot of fun and I love it. 

With Much Love,
Elder Chilson          

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