Monday, February 27, 2017


Hello Everyone,

February has now come and gone and that is a little bit scary but it is the truth. I had another similar experience to last week that I would like to share with you guys so to not make to story too long I was called "Superman" by some members of my ward this past week and it was pretty funny at least for me. So what happened was a sister asked me if I could help move some of the couches back to where they go because they were done cleaning so of course I said yes no problem and so since I knew where she wanted it I just grabbed the middle and just carried it myself and then put it where it was supposed to go and then after that a little boy about 8 said "Elder Chilson is Superman" and then his mom agreed as well and then other members that were there as well joined in so it was just sort of a funny moment for me but everyone think I am pretty strong but none of these Filipinos saw me going into my Senior year of High School and now I am a lot smaller but it is okay it is all part of the mission

It is also a lot hotter right now in the Philippines as it gets closer to summer but for me summer started when I got off the plane in Manila but now sometimes when we go out to work in the mornings but the time we go to get lunch the back of my shirt is soaked and of course I sweat a lot but at the same time it is not the best sleeping weather but that is okay I just sort of power through and such but if my body is pretty tired which doesnt happen that often for real then I will just fall asleep but it is really hot!!!!! No joke

We also had a jam-packed week with Elder Bednar being here and Elder Haynie as well and we had Stake Conference too and so it has just been a full week of lot's of stuff to do and schedules to keep up with but that is okay as missionaries we just do whatever we are told and if you have good sense you will do it without asking questions at least that is what I do and I enjoy it. I am sorry that this is sort of short but I do not really have that much to say this transfer is moving fast and I am almost to having 6 months here in the Philippines under my belt which is crazy for me to think about as well but that is reality. I know that this work is what we all should be doing so if you have time or even if you think you do not have time get involved in missionary work it will change your life for the better I promise. I love this work very much and I am so blessed to be a part of it here in the Philippines. 
With Much Love,
Elder Chilson       

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