Monday, February 20, 2017


Hello Everyone,

This week was another very exciting week for me here in the Naga Philippines Mission. We had a baptism in Camaligan on Saturday and it was awesome the investigators were the Sisters investigators but I was asked to do the baptizing so me and Elder Campo were there and it was an awesome experience for me. It was my first time baptizing here in the Naga Philippines Mission and it was so awesome the Spirit that was there in the room during that Baptismal Service. I felt the Spirit very strong, it is hard to describe but I could feel the Holy Ghost in my heart and it was as if it was saying I was fulfilling my purpose here in the Naga Mission and that this was what I was suposed to be doing at this moment I was Baptizing Converts. Since the investigators were the Sister's I was certain that they had completed the Teaching Repentance part and I was honored to be able to help out a little bit by doing the Baptizing Converts part. An unforgettable experience for sure.

If you were wondering in my new appt we still have some weights there becasue Elder Watene Wanted to bring them so I had sort of a little funny experience this week where I was lifting some weights one morning and my new companion Elder Campo comes over says to me "bodybuilder ka ba?" which basically means that he called me a bodybuilder and I just laughed it's petty funny I am a lot larger than my Filipino compnion right now and that is how it is for most American to Filipino companionships. I just thought that was funny so I thought it would be fun to share sorry not really that spiritual.   

 Also yesterday the Camaligan Branch became the Camaligan Ward the proposal that was submitted to the Stake was honored and so that for me was so awesome as well becasue that was something that the members there have been wanting and the missionaries as well have been helping with and pushing for as well. It was so amazing to be in that meeting and to see how perfect the organization of Christ's church is and to have been able to help out with that was just amazing as well. I know that this can be a great starting place for the new Camaligan Ward that as they continue to do their best to remain faithful and grateful for all that God has blessed them with then there will be much that will prosper here in Camaligan. I am also very excited to hear from Elder Bednar as well it will be such a privledge and treat to hear from an Apostle of the Lord face to face. That is about it for me this week, we have just been walking and working a lot as well that way that most missionaries do here in the Philippines.     
With Much Love,
Elder Chilson   

The kids that Elder Chilson baptized.

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