Monday, April 17, 2017

Office Elder

Hello Everyone,

I hope that all of you had a very Happy Easter for me nothing really special happened here which was fine we basically went to church and that was it. Here in the Philippines they have some different types of traditions but they are kind of based off of other religions so I dont really know about them enough to explain them (if that makes sense) and other than that is was just kind of another day and that is something that I am starting to notice here in the mission that when a family oriented holiday comes a long you just kind of have to stand a lone so to speak that it is just you and your companion and any other missionaries that might be nearby. So I dont mean to be kind of a downer about the situation dont get the wrong idea like I am sad or a lone or anything like that because I knew that this is how things were going to be when I put in my mission papers I am just trying to be honest with all of you and sacrifice is a big part of serving a mission and that is not sugar coated. I know that sometimes you have to give/sacrifice a lot to gain a lot more and I know that is true. 

So also some big changes happened this week, I moved into the Philippines Naga Mission Office so that means that I have accepted an assignment to be an "Office Elder" so that is basically what it sounds I work in the Mission Office literally. So there are missionaries that sometimes get assigned to work in the Mission Office for a time so I do not exactly know how long I will be in here probably 6 months but it could be more it depends on my Mission President but my job or my assignment is specifically called "Supply Manager" so I am in charge or all the supplies that missionaries need here in the Philippines Naga Mission and I am in charge of all the vehicles as well here in the Philippines Naga Mission and I will be getting my Filipino Drivers License soon as well so it is definitely a different type of assignment but I am happy to accept it and to help and serve the missionaries here in the Philippines Naga Mission. 

So everything else is the same I am still a missionary and I do all of the things that I did before as a missionary this is a just an added assignment to work in the Mission Office so I have a new companion now who works in the office to but he has different responsibilities and I have a new appt as well which is above the Mission Office we live up stairs so I am now assigned in the Naga 2nd Ward now and that is nice we have church at 1pm (it is kind of like my home ward we have 9am and 1pm church) So things are pretty different now but it is okay it is sort of a learn as you go kind of experience but I am happy to serve. 

With Love,
Elder Chilson      

 Elder Chilson and Elder Bondoc
Camaligan District

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