Monday, May 8, 2017

Transfer Day

Hello Everyone,

This week was my first transfer week here in the office and it was crazy but a good kind of crazy. So for those of you who do not know a "transfer week" is a week that happens after a 6 week period  or one transfer so after 6 weeks missionaries have the opportunity to move areas and go to a different area that they are assigned by my Mission President Zapanta. So in the office or as one of the Office Elders I have a lot of responsibilities when it comes to transfer day because as an Office Elder I have the pleasure of helping out my Mission President with whatever he needs or asks me to do. So that was pretty crazy I have not really experienced anything like it before but it was a lot of fun at the same time because as an Office Elder you get to meet all or almost all of the missionaries here in the mission where you are serving and there are a lot of missionaries that believe it or not I have not met yet because I have been assigned here mostly in Naga for my whole mission and I have not really gone to any off the other further away areas. 

I also have been pretty busy with my office work as I am sure you can imagine I did a lot of driving this week as well as the missionary that is in charge of vehicles I am also the "designated driver" but that doesnt really mean that I am the only one that drives but I do a lot of driving. I drove missionaries whose missions were over now the airport and that was a really weird experience, I also had a unique opportunity to drive my Mission President as well, President Zapanta that was fun he asked me if I would take him to a certain destination because he didnt have his car at the time and of course I said sure and everything went fine, I also took a trip up to Sipocot this week which is in the Pamplona Zone and I was the delivery boy because I delivered supplies up to them because they needs some I took 16 boxes of Book of Mormons to them and that is sort of a lot but I enjoyed that trip a lot. I drove other places as well I am sure. 

So with me being kind of coming and going it was sort of hard for us to work in our proselyting area this week but we did some and it was a lot of fun we worked with some awesome members this week and it was a great experience, it brought back memories to me when I used to work with the missionaries and drive them around and stuff because as a missionary that is exactly what happened and it was fun for me to reminisce and realize that my mission right now is reality. I know that this work is so important to our Heavenly Father and that he wants us to get involved in it as best as we can there is a part for all of us to do there is no one that is exempt from missionary work and that I know for a fact. I know that as we continue to do our best that angels from on high will come down and give us aid and help is realize what we need to do and they will show us how to do it as well. We are not alone in this work I know that to be true and I hope that all of you will find your position on this great team of players for the Lord against the Adversary that is Satan. 

With Love,
Elder Chilson        

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