Monday, May 22, 2017

Lots of Traveling

Hello Everyone,

I cannot believe that it is almost June and that where I live the school year is almost over and I really cannot believe that I have been in the Philippines Naga Mission Office now for over 1 month that is how crazy time is moving, it is like I am in some sort of time phase where time is moving slow for like 5mins and then it goes really fast for a while and I am a lot closer to one year now that when I was when I left home which seems to be a very long time a go now and that is crazy for me to think about because it feels that I have been in the Philippines now for a lot longer than what I have been I am just doing my best to enjoy everything. 
So nothing very exciting happened in the office this week I did a lot of traveling this week making different deliveries I traveled to 3 different zones this week and that was fun. The first zone I went to is called Daet Zone that is the biggest zone in the whole Philippines Naga Mission and it takes about 4 hours to get there but I had never been there before and Elder Go had not really been there much either so it took us 5 hours to get to our destination we got lost a few times so that was fun we ended up going 20KMs in the wrong direction daw po so that was a bit frustrating but it was fun overall because the scenery was nice on the ride up there to Daet so that was a plus but that was like the longest distance that I think I have driven in my live so that was fun too I enjoy driving so it was not a problem for me and I got that gift from my Dad he knows all the family trips that we took together they all involved driving in a car that is what Chilson's do we drive in cars for our family travels. Then going to Goa Zone next that was may first time going there as well and I made some deliveries there as well and Goa is actually closer than I realized it was only 2 hoursish away and I can drive pretty fast here in the Philippines in a safe manner of course but there are no speed limits for reals so that is fun but the traffic at the same time can be very annoying at the same time. Then I went to Pamplona Zone as well but I have been there a few times now since I have been here in the office so that is no problem. I have enjoyed getting to know and getting to go to different areas and zones here in the Naga Mission since I have been here in the office because me whole mission so far I had only been in the same zone in Canaman Zone so it has been a fun learning experience.

If I wasnt traveling I got things done here in the office I got a lot of orders together, I had two big orders that were delivered from two of my different suppliers this week as week which was a big help to me. I also got some work done on my van this week as well it got an oil change and a bit of a tune up so that was good. So it was a busy week but my schedule changes all the time so I am not really even affected by busy anymore and we had some good lessons this week as well with some investigators which was good we had one investigator that came to church yesterday so that was good as well my work out side the office is tough but not impossible so we have been working a lot with members to help us keep our work moving forward it is so awesome that there are a lot of members here that are will to sacrifice and do missionary work like I used to when I was back home that was really weird for me to see in one specific lesson where there were youth present to the lesson and I thought back to when I was a youth and working with the missionaries and I was like yes that was me just two years ago and now here I am on the other side of the fence that is crazy but that is life for you once again. I have sort of figured out that there is no real way to beat life it will always win so you just have to take everything that comes and be happy about the outcomes sometimes that is all you can do even if you are in a tough situation just be happy and do your best and the Lord will make up the rest I know that the Lord qualifies whom he calls I have seen that in my own calling as a missionary and my other assignments I have been given and it is so true so do not be afraid to accept callings and serve just do your best that is all that truly matters.  

With Love,
Elder Chilson       

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