Monday, May 15, 2017

First Emergency Story

Hello Everyone,

Happy Late Mother's Day to all of the mother figures in my life (You know who you are...) This week was a pretty interesting week for me a lot of different things happened. First I was able to skype with my family yesterday for Mother's Day and that was nice if you see my family they will hopefully tell you that I am doing well and that I have not really gotten that tan yet because now I spend most of my time inside an office. My first story was about an emergency that happened, it was an emergency in the sense of an emergency but it was no fatal so everyone turned out to be okay so that was good so we got back home to our appartment one evening and Elder Miller (an office Elder) comes in and has Sister Zapanta (my mission presidents wife) on the phone and he says there is an emergency and someone needs to go to Buhi (an area in my mission) because there is a missionary there that is sick so of course I am all about service opportunities and helping missionaries out so I piped up and said that is fine we will go (because I knew that Elder Miller & Elder Golez were going to Daet in the morning) the trouble was it was 10:30pm and so Elder Go (my companion) was not as excited as I was to go (yes I am not going to lie but I was sort of excited that we had an emergency I felt a little guilty about it but I really wanted to experience something like that and it was fun. So we went to Buhi and it was late at night but I had a blast I like driving at night here it is not as bad as I thought it would be things are not as busy on the roads so that is nice. So we got to Buhi and we picked up the sick Elder and we took him to the hospital and he got checked up and he got some medications and then we got home and to sleep at 3am and then no doubt I was up and going again at 6:30am and so that was my first emergency story since I have been here in the office and we will see there may be more to come. 

I have been working on some other projects and assignments that President Zapanta has given me to take care of, I sent a lot of emails and did a lot of following up with missionaries about different things as far as their supplies and how things were going with their supplies. I ordered a lot more supplies this week as well so that is good that the missionaries have supplies to use and to keep the Lord's Work moving forward. I also have met the Patriarch in the Naga Philippines Stake which has been cool because there has been some issues with the Patriarchal Blessing of a missionary here in my mission so that has been fun among other things as well, I worked with the FM Manager as well this week as well some and he is awesome I like working with him a lot he is awesome. 

As far my work in my area we had an investigator come to church yesterday which was awesome so we will continue to work with them the father has a problem with the Word of Wisdom but we can help him overcome that we have a lesson scheduled for tomorrow with a member and I think that will help a lot and we also taught a pretty good lesson I thought last night with a family and the father said that next time he was going to invite all who would come and listen and so hopefully he will pray about the Prophet Joseph Smith and receive an answer for himself that he is a true prophet and then he will the desire to come to church. 

These weeks that I have had here in the office have been jam packed and this upcoming week we have a lot of travels planned so it is a good thing that I dont get car sick and I enjoy driving because if I am lucky and everything goes as planned I will travel throughout the whole mission which is pretty exciting for me but we will see what happens. I hope that all of you are doing well and enjoying the May Season wherever you are. 

With Love,
Elder Chilson    

Naga 2nd District

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