Monday, July 24, 2017

"Elder Chilson!"

Hello Everyone,

This week was sort of crazy but it was also really fun at the same time. So this past Saturday we had a big combined mission and stake activity that was entitled an "Art Show" so this was a big activity and Sister Zapanta kept us pretty busy all week getting ready for this event finding investigators to bring and setting up and etc. So the event was essentially a church tour with at the end was an Art Show, we collected artwork from different members and different missionaries made some art pieces as well if they wanted to and it was a pretty good event I think. There were a lot of investigators and members that came and for me since it was a stake activity, I saw a lot of members from some of my last areas and what is a little scary is that they remember sometimes they come up to me and say things like "Elder Chilson! How are you doing? it is good to see you again" and things like that and I am surprised and thankful because to me it means that I made an impression on the lives of the members and other people in my past areas. Even people that live in other wards that I have not been assigned to people know me and I know probably at least one person in almost every congregation in the stake and that is crazy for me to think about. For me I wouldnt say that I make a big splash when I meet people or talk to them but there is usually something that just brings us together it is sort of weird but it jsut goest o show me again that the Lord is mindful of me and he knows that I am still here in the Naga Philippines Stake and he knows that there is still work for me to do here and that gives me hope and excitement for the future the fun never stops and that is for sure. There is always something more or something new that comes up especially here in the office and it is just continuous fun for me and a big reason for that I think is that I am in the service of the Lord and that for me is the most fun that I could be having right now. 

I also had a lot of fun with all of my travels I went to Goa this week twice which is about 2 hours one way and I went to Tinambac which is like 1&1/2 hours one way and then I went through the whole Iriga Zone and Pasacao as well so in short I did a lot of traveling this week and I spent a lot of time in the van but it was all good fun for me and I enjoyed it I took a very large order to Iriga Zone and then for some other reasons I ended up going to those places and hopefully this upcoming transfer goes a little bit smoother so I wont have so many travels all at once but this past week was the last week of the transfer so there were just a few things I had to do before the end of the transfer and I have happy to get them done and everything worked out, I can honestly say that the Lord has his hand in the work regardless of what anyone says, I cannot deny that, I know that to be true. 

So I cannot believe it now but I am going to start another transfer here in the office time is really going by fast it seems like have been here for a long time now and now with Elder Go leaving I am feeling older because my companion, Elder De Silva is new but he is catching on and he will do fine, it will just take some time to get settled in like it did for me as well it took me about one week and then I was on the ground running and it has been awesome and I know that only good things will come because the Lord is at the center of all of the missionary work and I know that this is his work and right now I am his full time servant and I am so blessed to have this opportunity and I hope that all of you continue to fund opportunities to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ to anyone that you can find in any situation big or small the Holy Ghost will tell the people what they need to do, they will know with clarity what they will have to do to keep the Holy Ghost with them and I know that they will want that because they will notice a difference in their lives that they will never want to go back to how their live used to be and I hope that everyone is still enjoying their summer.

Elder Chilson   

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