Monday, July 17, 2017

New Companion

Hello Everyone, 

This week was a pretty good week it was a zone conference week so I was pretty busy coordinating things and I also got a lot of deliveries this week which was awesome for me because I really needed them so now it is good that I have a lot of supplies for all of the missionaries. I also was able to go and check out some other suppliers this week with Elder Miller and we went and compared some numbers and such so now we just sort of have to negotiate and such to make sure that everything is to terms with how we want it and how our process works here in the Philippines Naga Mission because we cannot really just agree to anything but it has to meet our requirements so we will follow up on that and we will see what happens. I also really enjoyed my zone conference this week because President Zapanta gave some great workshops but at the same time the Philippines Area Doctor was here as well he came with his wife from Manila to be here for our zone conferences as well which was nice they are really cool as well and it was cool to meet them. 

So I filled a lot of orders this week as well so that means that I will have a lot of travels this week and that is true I have a lot of deliveries scheduled this week before the end of the transfer and it is nice that I do not really have any life or death deadlines to meet but I have some person deadlines so I will do my best to keep those and get supplies out to the missionaries as fast and as efficient as possible. I also have a new companion this week as well Elder De Silva is here now and he is going to be my new companion because Elder Go is on his way out now of the office or at least his time is up so he will be training Elder De Silva and then when the transfer is over it will be just me and Elder De Silva and I do not really know him that well right now but I am sure that we will get to know each other very well here in the office but he seems pretty nice.

Also I had my first baptism this week in Cararayan which was really cool we had two actually and they were both part member families so it is awesome now that the part member families are now becoming full member families and then are now on their way to the temple and becoming a sealed family for time and all eternity and to be able enjoy and receive eternal happiness and that is one of the best feelings for me is just knowing that because of the decisions that these people have made to be baptized then I know the blessings and opportunities now that they have because of the companionship that they have now with the Holy Ghost that is one gift that is indescribable to me, it is so priceless and that is something that I wish everyone could receive or at least have the opportunity to receive and that is another reason why I am here in the Philippines to help God's children prepare to receive the Holy Ghost one of his priceless gifts that he gives to us freely. I know that I am a part of the Lord's work right now and that he is cheering me on along with all of you I know that he wants to do well and be successful just like all of you do and I know that as we do our best to share the gospel with everyone that we meet we will be blessed for that and we will see miracles and receive blessings more that we could have ever expected.

Elder Chilson     

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