Monday, July 31, 2017


Hello Everyone,

I cannot believe that today is the last day of July, July went by so fast it is so unfair. There were a lot of different things that happened to me this week for example I went to the airport three times this week for three different sets of missionaries and that was fun it was a little bit different the transfer/travel schedule that we had this transfer because there were a lot of missionaries that went home and if I may a lot of my friends went home which means that there are a lot less American Missionaries here in the Philippines Naga Mission so that means that a lot of my first friends here in the mission went home as well, the bottom line it was really weird that I drove the missionaries to the airport that picked me up at the airport way back when I got here last October it was just a feeling that I never thought would come I never thought they were going to go home but I handled the mixed emotions with no problem. 

In addition to that I got up about 5:30am almost everyday this week because most of the time the flights that these missionaries have are usually in the morning so we have to be up and ready to go which is great for me because I am a morning person and so that is not a problem for me I am really enjoying my time here in the office it has given me many different experiences that most missionaries do not usually have to opportunity to experience. I also took a trip up to Lubigan this ween which is a pretty mountainous and pretty out there and while I was on my way there to the Lubigan Elders House I got really got the van that I use stuck in the mud and I was like "Oh Fudge" then I just remembered what we do in New York if a car is stuck in the mud or stuck in the snow especially the big Uhal truck that brought my families first ever piano to my house when I used to live in Henrietta (my father and Gary Molinari might be the only ones that remember that IDK) so of course I grabbed some cardboard and not much happened so I was like Elder De Silva I need a favor and mind you he does not know how to drive I dont think he had ever got behind the wheel of a vehicle before and I was like sigge po you just have to use the gas ever so slightly  because to was only one tire that was submerged in the mud and then I was like sigge we got this we can do this and I went behind the van and I was like this is not that bad and I tried to push the back of the van and the cardboard was not really holding the mud was pretty deep but then I was like Elder De Silva just wait a sec and then I was like sigge ulit we got this and I got a little bit lower and was like me legs have got to be stronger then this and then I put my back in it and got some momentum rolling and then of course we got the van out of the deep mud and of course I was covered in mud so thanks for all of that experience Rochester New York weather HAHAHA........

Then me and Elder De Silva had some solid appointments this week which was great especially this one lesson we had last night we had a lesson with an elderly lady that had some misunderstandings with the missionaries that used to teach her long ago and we cleared up her questions and the Spirit was very strong in that lesson and I think that there is a lot of potential for her to be baptized just like her daughters were and her husband has passed a way now so that is tough for her as well but I think that if we continue to work with her she will come to know that Joseph Smith is the True Prophet of the Restoration and that the Book of Mormon is really something that we need in our lives to have a stronger companionship of the Holy Ghost and to help us get closer the Jesus Christ our Savior and I know that these things are true and then I still have a long way to go on my mission here in Philippines before my time is over here in the the Philippines Naga Mission 

Elder Chilson          

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