Monday, January 16, 2017


Hello Everyone,

This week has been sort of a crazy one I had my first experience with someone being possessed by an evil spirit it was a member that called for our assistance and I told Elder Watene okay just tell me what to do, evidently here in the Philippines and in the east that really happens it was pretty crazy for me it was like something out of a movie for me and since I dont quite understand all of the culture and different beliefs of the Filipinos it was a little tough but it was alright. The Filipinos are very superstitious people so that is sometimes a little difficult to work with being someone like me from America I have no problem with rain b/c it rains a lot here but the Filipinos are afraid of the rain and they never want to get wet b/c they think that if they will get wet they will get sick by the rain but for me I like the rain b/c it cools everything off for a little bit so you can have a little bit of time away from the sun and the heat so Filipinos think that I am a little crazy for liking the rain but I am okay with that. 

We are also working on having a lot of MPL which is good b/c I can totally feel the different when we have members present at lessons and when we dont so my Mission President really stresses MPL and he is so right also the spirit is so strong and having people that the Filipinos can relate to is really awesome b/c me and Elder Watene are not Filipino sometimes it is tough for us to relate to the Filipinos though we do our best sometimes our message is better coming from some a native. The spirit is very strong in those type of lessons though it is awesome I can testify of the power of having the members involved in missionary work when the wards and branches team up to do missionary work everything is so much easier for everyone and we are pretty close to having the Camaligan Branch become a Ward I hope that will be something I will be able to see while I am here in Camaligan that is one of the goals that we are working on here is tough but the rewards are worth so much what is a little hard work compared to eternal life I think that is worth the effort. 

We are going to be moving appts this week which will be interesting we are going to be moving in with the ZL's here in my zone it is a good thing that I am pretty close with my ZL's here I like them a lot they are pretty cool and I cannot believe that I have been a Missionary now for almost 5months a quarter of my mission is almost over the time is moving so fast but I know that this church is true with all my heart and I am sharing that with everyone that I meet here in the Philippines I am having a lot of fun though sometimes it get s a little crazy that's okay b/c I can handle it as missionaries we do a lot for the wards and branches that we serve in but that is okay it is all part of my calling as a missionary here in the Philippines. 
With Much Love,
Elder Chilson  

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