Monday, January 30, 2017


These are some pictures of rice fields that I was talking about that I guess I had not shown you guys yet this is like what all the country side looks like in my areas so far the little green is new rice growing so if there is not a city type setting then it is all rice fields no joke.  

These are some pictures of houses that are more on the outside of the city so to speak to you they may look like shacks but believe it or not this is where we teach and have FHEs and stuff like that the Filipinos are happy just to have a house in some cases because there are Filipinos here that do not have one or cannot get enough money to buy supplies to build one  

This bridge is pretty rough but it is made of only bamboo so it can hold me and the other pics there is no real word for it in english it is like a free frawl type thing where everyone just goes in with your hands and you eat as much food as you can sort of thing it is pretty fun I have done it a couple of times now on my mission 

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