Monday, January 23, 2017

Flat Tire

Hello Everyone,
This week has been a crazy week one thing that happened yesterday that was really funny so we were heading back to Marupit (A part of our area) and the tricycle that we were on the back tire went flat and it happened like just below where I was sitting so I was like "pasensya po talaga, major mabigt ako" and I made the driver laugh so hard ( it was basically a joke that I told him I basically told the driver I am sorry that I am so heavy because as an American here in the Philippines I am a lot bigger that most Filipino's) We all had a pretty good laugh after that where in reality he probably just ran over a nail of staple or something if you do not think that is funny I am sorry.

Anyways we have been working pretty hard in our area and I really fee like I am forming relationships with members here in Camaligan which is nice because Elder Watene goes home in two weeks and then nobody knows what is going to happen but there is a pretty big chance that I will stay here in Camaligan but we will see this transfer has really been flying, we are hopfully going to officially move into our new appt tomorrowand that will be really nice you would be surprised as to how much time we waste as we keep going back and forth but that is sort of what cards we have been dealt to we have to play them so to speak as missionaries we have to follow the instructions that come from our mission president becasue he recieve revelation for the whole mission speaking of which I was in threesome for a little bit earlier in the week but he is gone now.

I know that as we continue to do our best to put our trust in the Lord that miracles will happend and he will provide a way for us to do that is what he wants us to do. Sorry it is kind of short this week we had the funeral as well and that took up a lot of our time as well but as missionaries here in the Philippines we have to do a lot for the words here one member told me recently that if there were no missionaries in the wards and branches here in the Philippines then there would be no wards and brahcnes here in the Philippines we have to do a lot so maybe that can give you a little better picture of what I am doing here in the Philippines but I love service so I am enjoying it becasue I have been doing a lot of it. I hope that all of you have a great week and you are enjoying the snow if you have it wherever you are.
Elder Chilson    

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