Monday, January 2, 2017

Happy 2017!

Hello Everyone and Happy 2017!!!

So I am not sure how many of you have heard or not but I just recently endured my first Typhoon here in the Philippines (Super Typhoon Nina). So that was the reason I could not email last week was because there was no power or internet but things are getting back together now but in my area and the whole Bicol Region there was a lot of damage there were winds that we over 100 miles per hour and rain and such like that I had never experienced anything like it before but we were save but that is kind of the thing in the Naga Philippines Mission where I am at it is like the place where if there is a storm of typhoon it always comes here because of the way the ocean is I think I am not entirely sure but they have a lot of big storms here so there may be more I do not know maybe next storm season we will just have to wait and see. There was a lot of damage that took place some people lost a little and we not effected that much and other people lost everything and I mean everything their house and everything in it. So we have been coordinating with my Branch Leadership of how we can best help the members and other people around because some people are in very difficult situations. Welfare and Relief will come from the Area Presidency and various locations because that is how things are here in the Philippines but still help is needed.

So I have been able to give lots of different service to various people I have helped people pack up their belongings, I have helped people prepare of the storm I have helped people fixed their roof I have cut down trees cleared roads and different kinds of odd jobs that have to be done because if someone will not do them then no one will do them for me all this has been sort of fun and exciting but for the Filipinos it is just the opposite I have seen things that some of you guys probably would not think would be possible but that is the life of the Filipinos they rebuild and do the best that they can to survive in some cases because they know that another storm will come or they have no money so they just kind of deal with it is sort of hard to explain in English. I can kind of feel my tongue moving towards Tagalog more which is good my training has been done for a little bit now so yes I will say it has been fun having real conversations with different ward members or even my Branch President I still do not understand everything but I just keeping working hard at it I think that it will probably be a whole mission process but that is okay I am up for it. 

Not really much else has happened we just king of have to go with the flow of the storm and no with providing a lot of service I can do that so it is just kind of that for me and most of the missionaries around now so that is my life now but I know that Jesus Christ is aware of everyone's situation even my own and that through his Atonement all will be made right and we have no need to fear anything. I know that this is the true church again here on the Earth and that the time of the Savior's 2nd Coming is close at hand. Also I cannot believe that 2016 is already done and gone it went by very fast but that is life for me Christmas and New Years just kind of ran by but they will come again so it is okay I hope that all of you will have a great week and a great start to 2017
Elder Chilson 

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