Monday, November 7, 2016


Hello Everyone,
I am basically just working and studying and I cannot believe that I have been here for over one month now in the Naga Mission and I have also lost roughly 8-10 lbs which is kind of surprising but we were at a member home and they had a scale so I jumped on it and I converted from Kgs to Lbs so it's all good I am not going to be the same when I get home that is for sure but that is all part of the mission if you are the same when you get home then you just wasted two years in my opinion. There is so much power in a Testimony of the Prophet Joseph Smith we had a lesson last night and the Spirit was so strong we were teaching the Restoration which is something I love to teach about mostly because it is close to my home and close to my heart I love saying to people that my house is close to the house of Joseph Smith. I also saw so many miracles this week and I was also pretty sure that I lost our cell phone this week but I did not it was one of those miracles that I saw this week. So we were in a huge rain storm and I am soaked right do not worry mom I am using the rain coat you sent me with but anyways we got off a padyak and I put my hand into my pocket to look at the time on our cell phone that we share and it was not there and I was like fudge did I just leave it on that padyak we are toast and this and that but after some talking and looking Elder Paragas had it the whole time in his shirt pocket and he had no idea how it got there and I did not either because we were both sure that when we left our appt in the morning that I had the phone in my pocket because it was my day to carry it but that is mission life that Lord is watching over us as he does all of his missionaries and miracles are happening all the time and we need to have the eyes to see them and that is part of the fun of mission life. It is now into the rainy season earlier this week it rained for three days straight no joke but it comes and goes but when it rains it usually rains very hard. We also had a Filipino holiday this week All Saints Day I do not really have time to explain but it is a day where people go to the cemeteries here which are different by the way of the cemeteries in the USA but they essentially party and worship their dead family members and it was different but since most people are Catholic there were prayers songs and such but we just observed it and visited some cemeteries Elder Paragas said it was okay so I was fine with it. It was different but all good if you want more info I am sure you could Google it. I cannot believe that I am almost through my first transfer and my training is almost half over I ahve learned a lot and I continue to learn all the time about Tagalog, Bicol and the Filipino culture. I am doing well and just enjoying my mission here in the Naga Mission. 
Elder Chilson     

Trainers and Trainees Workshop
Philippines Naga Mission

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