Monday, October 31, 2016

Time in Mission Field

Hello Everyone,
This week went by quick once again but it feels like not as much happened. I must confess and Bishop Hall if you are reading this you can start laughing anytime you know what I am talking about. Time in the mission field is so different that time in the real world I am not joking anyone who has served a mission knows what I am talking about I have come to the conclusion for missionaries it is impossible for them to always be on time I am not totally sure why yet but that is a fact even with all of my good time management skills there is always something that makes me come up a little short but that is okay that is all part of the mission. We are still teaching quite a bit we have some progressing investigators with some baptismal dates I extended another one this past week so baptisms should be coming but I know that its is not all about baptisms because it is not but I am working hard there is no doubt of that. My Tagalog is getting better everyday I study hard way harder than I did in school I regret to say but it is true. I had a special new missionary workshop this pas t week which was a lot of fun to see all the missionaries that I came here with and the mission home is really nice it is a mansion compared to where most people live here and they even have staff like cooks and a security guard you see here in the Philippines all the church building have gates around them and there are bars on all the windows and such but it is all good there are policemen all around at different posts in various locations. Also my support or money I get from the mission to buy food and stuff is pretty hit or miss and our cards are not the most reliable so that is also a little obstacle but it is all good because I now how to fast just kidding I am eating food here but we were supposed to get support but we have not yet and this is not the first time it has happened since I have been here not to make anyone worry it is simply for information purpose. Well I know with certainty that this church is true and that Jesus Christ lives I have no doubt of that and I know that with his help I am learning Tagalog and it is because of him that I am here in the Philippines it is not by accident or random that I am here in the Philippines right not it is because he needs me here now and I know that for sure. Also continue to read the Book of Mormon if you can and so many blessings will come I can promise that. 
With Lots of Love,
Elder Chilson     

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