Monday, October 24, 2016


Hello Everyone,
This week was another quick one it felt like for me but a lot happened and I will give you the "short version" as best as I can, Mom and Dad you know what I am talking about. We had a baptism this past Friday and it was awesome I provided the music which was fun because there is only one piano in our whole church building a lot of singing is done accapella so that is fun but I led the music and such, I will say Bishop's wife in my ward really likes my voice and that seems to be the same for anyone that I am singing around. Music here is in English for the most part hymns, radio, etc but there is some that is in Tagalog it depends but the same music that is popular in America is popular here too so you can figure that out for yourselves. We extended two baptismal invitations to two different progressing investigators so maybe we will have some more baptisms in the future depending how long I am here and let's just keep in mind that my Tagalog right now is not that good so you can imagine me communicating with people I do alright but it is tough at the same time because there are not many Americans here in the Philippines and because I am a missionary people know that I an friendly and so people like to talk/practice their English with me which is fine but that is not why I am here I am here to learn/speak Tagalog but it is all good at the same time a lot of church stuff is in English as well so that is nice. Most Filipinos have some level of English because they learn it in school but my mission language is Tagalog and most people would prefer Tagalog or some other dialect like Bicol which is very hard to understand btw but it is all good I am really enjoying things here it has been really hot the last few days my arms are changing colors you can imagine I am getting tan/darker. My training is going well it is like the MTC a lot of studying planning etc. but it is all for my benefit and my trainer is awesome he pushes me to be better. We also have little ants in our appt which is a little annoying but it is all good there are all kinds of different insects and bugs here and it is not that clean here either overall it depends where you are but it is all good we do our best poverty is definitely a thing here but I am working hard and doing well and  I can't wait to seen what next week brings.
With Much Love,
Elder Chilson          

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