Monday, October 10, 2016

Naga Philippines Mission!

Hello everyone from the Naga Philippines Mission!
Yes I am finally here! I got here on Wednesday Oct 5th from the Manila MTC and believe me things are very different here I mean really different but that is okay that is all part of the job I am taller than my companion I am taller that my mission president and for a good part of the Filipino people here and that is very different I am used to being shorter that most people. I am also bigger in size than most of the Filipino people as far as my shoulders and my legs and that is different too but I have heard from a lot of people that I will get vary skinny while I am here but we will see obviously I am not lifting weights as much as I used to but I do not know it is too early to tell but it is all good. I am serving the the Calabanga Ward and my area is Calabanga B. My Tagalog is getting there I can understand some people but they all have different accents to it is difficult and I am also learning Bicol right now it is a language that is sort of like Tagalog but it is different too and a lot of our investigators speak that so that is fun I think/thought they were speaking Tagalog and they weren't but I have been told that if people hear me speaking Tagalog they will speak Tagalog to me and not Bicol but it is all good because I have the best trainer in the world. His name is Elder Paragas and he is a Filipino and he know several languages and English is not one of his strong suits but that is okay because it will help my Tagalog a lot and it has I have learned a lot just from the first couple days that I have been here. Things are very different here our appt is one room and our plumbing is suspect and it is always hot and humid we have not had much rain since I have been here but that is all good it all comes with the call. I have helped teach some lessons and that has been fun I will never forget that feeling I felt at my first ever lesson in the field I felt the spirit testify to me that this is where I am supposed to be so here is where I will stay we also have a baptism scheduled for this upcoming Saturday which is very exciting it is a girl about 10 years old and she is from a part member family and she pasted here interview for baptism yesterday so hopefully next week I have have great news. Overall things are going well with me and I am just doing my best to learn Tagalog so I can communicate with these people as best as I can. The Manila MTC was very different than Provo if you were wondering and I was not able to go inside the Manila Temple because they are doing renovations on it so that was tough but all is well and just FYI I won't be able to go to any temple while I am on my mission but that is okay. Sorry just a quick side about the Manila MTC but all is going well here with me. I love you all very much and I now now more than ever that this church is true wherever you go the gospel is the same in whatever country you go to even in the Philippines I love you all very much 
Elder Chilson            

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