Monday, October 17, 2016

Two Months

Hello Everyone,

I am still getting used to being called a foreigner I got a call from my bishop Saturday night and he asked me if I could speak in sacrament meeting and of course I couldn't back down from a challenge or say no one of the two so I spoke for about 10mins in Tagalog in church yesterday and I did alright. I also lived through my first Typhoon here in the Philippines we had one from Friday evening till Sunday morningish is was a lot of rain and I mean a lot of rain like flooding/ 3-6 inches of water on the roads and lightning and thunder and wind our power was pretty inconsistent we didnt have it for Friday night and it was hit of miss on Saturday, we also stayed in on Saturday and did not proselyte by the ZL's request it wasn't really that safe either so it was probably a wise choice. I also ate Balot for the first time on Thursday!!! it is really weird but it was okay.  the wierdest things I have probably eaten are liver squid and Balot but I am doing well I eat a lot of rice and when we  shop I just buy normal food that I would have at home I eat oatmeal most morning I REALLY MISS MILK but it is okay laundry is okay I do what I have to do I do it by hand but every area is different in Naga the elders there pay people to do it for them but I am doing fine So there are 4 elders in my ward me and my comp live downstairs and the other 2 elder live upstairs we share things and such there is only cold water for showers out plumbing isnt that great (Yes I meant the Toilet) The lights in out appt are not that great either so I am happy to have my headlamp but all is well I live in humble circumstances for sure we walk alot and use public transportation some too it is hot and humid but what can you do I sweat a lot and I am having fun my Tagalog is getting there I am learning some Bicol as wellI also sort of related football to missionary work this week because you know me so all to mission prep I did before my mission was like weight lifting/workouts in the off season, then me going to triples/preseason stuff was like me going to the MTCs it was tough but it was manageable then getting the the mission field is like the football season it is long and short at the same time for example I am already 2 months into my mission and the season is great if you work hard play hard and with love for the game and want it more than your opposition then the outcome will be in your favor and I hope me mission can be that successful. Life in the Philippines is very different than in the states for example some people do not have a real floor they have a dirt floor, they are lucky if they have a concrete floor like we do in our appt or most people do not have cars they have motorcycles and we use public transportation some but we also walk a lot and it's hot but it is all good. We have our baptism that was supposed to be on last Saturday is now on this upcoming Friday so hopefully that will go through but it is all good I have heard that every area in this mission is different so we will see what fun stuff I do, and I feel like this area that I am in has a little bit of everything so that is cool too city, country, the roads are different here too rarely is there blacktop it is mostly concrete and there are no addresses here so that can be frustrating but it is all good I am doing well here and I hope that all is going well with you to the language is getting better everyday as well. This week I feel like went be very fast and a lot happens and sorry I can't tell you about it all  
I Love you very much
Elder Chilson

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