Monday, November 28, 2016

Bucket Showers

Hello Everyone,
I hope that everyone had a great Thanksgiving with lots of food family and football. I must confess that I did not really have any of that but that is because I am in the Philippines where there is no Football to start of with but htat is okay because I cannot really play it right anyways as a missionary, basically for me Thanksgiving was just another wokr day for me as everyday is we do not have anydays off as missionaries but that is all good. There is also no turkey here in the Philippines it is mostly an American food I think the closest thing to turkey is chicken but we all no that that is not the same and my family is on the other sode of the work right now so it would be sort of hard to be with them but that is all good to because I know that they love me nad I love them and nothing will change that so that in part makes it possible for me to be in the Philippines right now on my mission which is pretty cool for me to think about. Now on to my week it was pretty good it went pretty fast again we have been working alot still on finding new investigators and people to teach because we do not have a lot to work with right now as well we have been working with LAs and PM Families it has it's challenges no doubt but me and Elder Watene are working pretty hard on finding solutions to their problems and helping them come back and partake of the goodness of God's Love that he has for all of his children. Also some other things about my new area because I have a little bit more time now we have to buy water that is how bad the water is here it is pretty bad so we cannot drink it but it is not that expensive so we do it becasue we have to. I have to take bucket showers now as well because we do not have a real shower so you cna imagine how that is it is all good with me becasue it is very hot here so the cold water feels good atleast for me. It is also bug season so the bugs have been a little annoying but it is all good if anyone knows me I won't get sick or admit to being sick there are several Americans who have gotten sick here just saying but that is all good or a fun challenge if you will for me to not be like them and not get sick.(Mom/Mother Figure in my Life, do not worry I will be fine) Me and Elder Watene have been wokring pretty hard that is about all I can say in that department and I have been learning a lot Tagalog/Bicol in the process but yes there are a lot of different types of problems here in the Philippines that are different from American but that makes my mission and my time here so much more fun and I know this church is true with all my heart and I am so blessed to be a prt of it nad this great work.
With Lots of Love,
Elder Chilson         

Elder Chilson and Elder Watene

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