Monday, November 21, 2016

Happy Thanksgiving

Hello Everyone,
I am doing well here in my new area in the Camaligan Branch it is more city here I am about 10-15mins away from the mission home and mission office in Naga but I am in the same zone as I was before so I know most of the elders in the area which is cool. They speak a lot of Bicol here I am not joking my Branch President speaks Bicol and a lot of the other member's do too so maybe I will learn a lot of Bicol here which will be tough but maybe fun. I had to bear my testimony in sacrament mtg yesterday that was fine much improved than in my last area I would say it helps now that my companion knows English so we are on the same page and we can be a little more unified as a companionship. Elder Watene is pretty cool he is pretty musical so that is nice as well but we get a long well he is a veteran missionary he does not have much time left I might be his last companion but we will see. We laugh and work well together and we just have fun together I guess and work hard at the same time if that is possible. Since this is relatively a new area that I am in now we do not have a lot of investigators we spend a lot of time finding and trying to help less actives come back to church but it is all good I can do that right? That is right yes I can so we are working hard at that. I fee like I am understanding people more now as well as opposed to my last area as well. My appt now id pretty big we have a upstairs and down stairs it is meant to have 4 elders but we only have two so it is like 3x's larger than my last appt I would say it is alright though I mean it is the Philippines that is about all I can say about that it is not like America but that is all part of the job.We had a lesson with a principal of a school yesterday about the Book of Mormon it was our first time meeting here she was a referral from some members and then went with us to go and meet this individual and like most people she thought we were Jehovah's Witnesses but we explained that we were not and that we were Mormons and she basically wanted to know what we were about and why we as foreigners were here in the Philippines and we went straight to the Book of Mormon that is what makes us special and sets us apart from other religions so we had a really good lessons about that and the Spirit was pretty strong their and I know that if she takes Moroni's challenge she will come to know as I have the truthfulness of the Book of Mormon so we will follow up on that and see where that takes us. I know this church is true and as I continue to work hard blessings will come and I know that same can happen to all of you through you missionary efforts also Happy Thanksgiving they do not have that here in the Philippines but that is all good.  
Elder Chilson          

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