Thursday, September 22, 2016

Week 5 MTC

Hello everyone, 
Can you believe it that I have been in the Provo MTC now for 5 weeks, time is really moving just not all at once. I got my itinerary late last week and I am leaving for the Philippines on Sept 28th and I will be flying through Hong Kong to get to Manila Philippines where I will be staying at the Manila MTC in the Philippines for about a week we are not entirely sure yet how long we will be there but long enough to kind of get used to the Philippines and the culture and things like that because all I have really learned here in the Provo MTC is the language of Tagalog. Then after my time in the Manila MTC I will then enter my mission and the mission field itself I am very excited for that my mission is really going to be a reality! I also sewed by hand with a needle and thread for the first time ever let alone all by myself in the Provo MTC I had to patch up the back of one of my ties and I think I did an okay job probably not as good as Mom would have done but that's okay I am pretty good and problem solving and figuring things out and then trying and doing. I have figured out different things since I have been in the Provo MTC that I wouldn't have to do at home because I have a Mom that loves my so much like ironing, sewing and such but it is all good. I actually did a little bit of plumbing this week as well one or our shower drains got clogged sort of so I took part of the drain a part and cleaned it out with my hands because I did not have any tools with me of course some of the missionaries thought I was crazy but I didn't care it was just a little messy that's all but I took care of that so now all the water and soap runs down the drain a little better now. It is really exciting to think that be this time next week I will be traveling to the PHILIPPINES also a quick reminder that if you want to send anything to me at the Provo MTC in the states I would do it quick because they probably will not forward my mail to me in the Philippines because they do not want to pay the postage to send it over the ocean they will probably send it back to the sender after I am gone. I have learned and studied so much while I have been here at the Provo MTC but I am really excited to start teaching real investigators and learning all the about the Philippines and the people there. I hope that all is going well where ever you are and my Tagalog is okay we will see how they really speak it though in the Philippines that will be an exciting challenge I am sure but I am up for it. Did I already say I am really excited to go to the PHILIPPINES? Yes I think I did so do not forget it. 
With much love,
Elder Chilson      

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