Thursday, September 15, 2016

Week 4 MTC

Well I am up to four weeks now at the Provo MTC and I only have roughly two weeks left that is crazy. Most of your probably know but my Birthday was yesterday and now I am 19 I do not really feel any different but regardless I am now a little bit older and the oldest member of my district by quite a bit they are all 18 and wont turn 19 till sometime in 2017. I could not really control my schedule on my birthday but it was okay I had to go to class and study and all that but life goes on and it was also my first birthday away from home but we had a little party last night with my district so that day was a little bit more special than just a regular day I would have liked to at least listen to a little Mormon Tabernacle Choir but we are not even allowed to do that but that is all part of the fun here at the MTC there are rules here but a lot a mission in general is about sacrifice so I can do that I will not be able to serve a mission for ever so I need to embrace the time that I have now so I am willing to follow the rules and such. We did do something pretty cool this week or at least I thought it was pretty cool we practiced some door approaches and I thought that they were a lot of fun it is basically talking to people, going to peoples houses talking to them and just being friendly and sharing a message about Jesus Christ among other things but it made things so real for me the MTC is not exactly the Philippines but I am practicing what I am going to be doing here so I can be ready for everything the Philippines has to offer so I thought that was a lot of fun. Another quick story so most of you know that I went to Brighton High School and played sports for Brighton mainly football though so I have Brighton apparel with me and it is so weird because there is a Brighton in UT evidently so a lot of people think that I am from UT because a lot of the missionaries here are form UT so I have to explain to them that I am from NY and most people here do not know much about NY unfortunately so I tell them that I live about 30 mins from Palmyra and then they get a general picture where I am from but I just think that is really funny maybe you wont. Also they have been doing a lot of construction around my building where I live ever since I got here which has been really annoying but it is okay sort of like at home I remember they were working on our roads when I left. Regardless my Tagalog is getting better everyday and I study hard and that is about all I can do here continue to prepare for the people in the Philippines. That is about all I have to say I think for here at the MTC this week. I love you all a lot! 
Elder Chilson

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