Thursday, September 1, 2016

Week 2 MTC

So I made it through my second week at the MTC not much as changed here me and my new companion are beginning to start clicking I think yesterday we taught a lesson and I think it was the most Tagalog I have spoken in a lesson yet which is good. A little sample of Tagalog for you, Nagpaptotoo ang Aklat ni Mormon kay Jesus Cristo ( That means the Book of Mormon testifies of Jesus Christ) And I can testify that it does as well. My schedule this was pretty similar to last week so I had exercise time where I play Bball/ lift weights I study a lot (like 4 hrs a day no joke) I have classes that I go to generally there are two classes a day that I go to but sometimes there is only one and they are 3hrs long so that can be long but I can say that this week overall was more fun I thought but I cannot really explain why but that it is sinking in more now that I am actually a missionary and for me that is awesome. I am like the only guy in my district that likes going to choir and I am ok with that I like it a lot and I enjoy our choir director as well he is pretty cool/funny 
A little excitement that happened this week though (Any Girl that is reading this I apologize in advance) but had bed bugs in some of the dorms that we sleep in but there are not any in my bed that is for sure but some other missionaries got bit but they are doing fine just thought I would share that. My Tagalog is getting better for a lot of this week we learned a lot of different kinds of verbs "MAG, I, IN, UM" verbs whihc are all simialr but conjugated differently but its all good lots of practice is all that is required and I work hard. Unfortunately I do not have any really fun stories yet like I will when I go to the Philippines but that is why I am here at the MTC the prepare to go to the Philippines so I can have the most amazing time when I get there. Just know this that I am doing well and I love this gospel and I hope that I will have more to say next week because the next time I email you I will be at my half way mark wow time sure is moving. 
Until Next Week 
Elder Chilson      

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