Friday, September 30, 2016


Hello Everyone, 
I made it to the Philippines and it is very cool (not really it is hot and humid) but that is okay. There is a little bit of a catch though I didnt get all of my luggage evidently luggage is in either LA or SLC about 16 missionaries that came to the Philippines with me didnt get all of their luggage but that is okay (not really I dont have any clothes) but the MTC President's wife is letting me borrow some clothes so it is all good. Everything is very different here that is for sure but it is okay because that is all part of the fun, it is true I am basically only here at the Philippines MTC for visa processing but I think I will be able to do some fun stuff as well like tomorrow we are going to be able to proselyte in Manila for 4hrs with a native missionary so that will be exciting to have some freedom. The Philippines MTC is a lot smaller than Provo but it is the 4th largest in the world believe it or not the list goes Provo, Mexico City, Sao Pablo Brazil and then Manila Philippines so that is cool. The traveling went well overall it was just very long I got through customs and everything okay but then I found out that some of my luggage didnt make it so then I had to fill out the forms and stuff and hopefully the rest of my luggage will get here before I leave the Philippines MTC. I leave for the mission field this upcoming Wednesday Oct 5th which is very exciting and one tough thing about being here is that General Conference is actually a week late it actually happens next Sunday in the Philippines so this Sunday for me is a regular fast Sunday so then hopefully I will be able to watch General Conference in the field which will be cool. I am really excited to be working with native Filipinos even though I know that it will be challenging as well. I exchanged some of my money today as well which was fun most people now some English at least around in a bigger city like Manila but it is not very good so my Tagalog should improve a lot which will be fun for me because I want to get better at it. I won't be able to email again while I am in the Philippines MTC so sorry about that the schedule is different here but I cant really change that I love all of you very much and I am very excited for what lies ahead. IT IS SO GREAT TO FINALLY BE HERE IN MY MISSION COUNTRY OF THE PHILIPPINES!
With Much Love,
Elder Chilson    
Nathanael with all his luggage in the Provo MTC.

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