Thursday, September 8, 2016

Week 3 MTC

So I made it to my 3rd week at the Provo MTC I am halfway done with my time here at the Provo MTC that is crazy. To start off I have some fun news so for those of you who are not familiar with MTC standards the Residence Halls (where I sleep) are not coed they are Sisters only and Elders only, but all of this changed yesterday. Sister Missionaries moved to the top floor of our building so now I am in the only coed building at the Provo MTC which is cool the Elders in my building were all afraid that we were going to have to pack up and move out but we wont but there is a lot more security in the building that we have to go through with our access cards which is really annoying there are Sisters only areas and Elders only areas but its all good I just thought I would share that, something different. I have been studying Tagalog a lot and learning different kinds of verbs that is mostly what we do for class as well as practice teaching lessons to various investigators and that has been fun using Tagalog and figuring what the investigators are telling us but I am getting better at it. I have still been playing Bball/ lifting weights/running during my exercise time everyone keeps saying that I am going to loose a lot of weight in the Philippines but we will see I will loose some muscle for sure. I have gotten better at ironing I think I have not set a shirt on fire yet but I think that I am doing ok with that my shirts look better that some of the other shirts that Elders wear here. I also sang another solo for my district this week for a devotional we had which was cool they still like my voice a lot but maybe that is because they do not know anything really about music??? Probably not I can sing pretty well singing in Taglaog though is really weird and I thought singing in French was weird but No singing Tagalog is weirder. Also if anyone has some free time Google Chad Lewis he is a Mormon who played Tight End for BYU after his mission and played 9 years in the NFL he was our big devotional speaker Sunday night and it was a glorious surprise I have listened/read some of his works and he is a great speaker in person it was really cool to hear from him and yes he did talk about more that just football. I think that is all I have for this week my schedule is pretty much the same here but I seem to continue to move forward which is good and I will continue to improve to serve the Lord as best as I can. 
Elder Chilson     

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