Monday, December 12, 2016

Fast Week

Hello Everyone,
This week went so fast no joke, I feel like I have been going very fast all day and my only time to take a break is when I get to lay my head down on the floor to sleep at night because we sleep on the floor here (in my last appt we had beds but in Camaligan we sleep on the floor) that is all good with me though I would prefer here in the Philippines that someone else slept in the bed that I would be sleeping in because really for me I do not need it that much other people here in the Philippines need a bed more than I do. 

Elder Watene and I have been working very hard though especially this Christmas Season we have been very busy helping people out and teaching and other missionary stuff like that but at the same time as always there are some challenges. For examples I had my first experience this past week with a sick companion I will only give you the short version but here goes, we got invited to a members house for some Krispy Kreme doughnuts and I was like oh yes!!!! those are the best!!!! (a member brought some back with him from when he went to Manila because they have Krispy Kreme in Manila) but they made Elder Watene very sick so he was fine until that evening and then we went to bed but about midnight he started throwing up no joke and then went on off and on till 2am no joke I was like what??? He threw up for 2 hours but that is the truth so the next day he mostly slept and so we stayed in that day and we did not work which was not that much fun for me obviously but it is not much fun anyways when you have a sick companion regardless but it was fine because I handled it as only a missionary can and that is with patience. Most of you probably know I am a pretty patient guy. 

This week was also probably a tougher week but that is because the Lord wants us to work harder maybe or Satan wants to try to see what he can do to us to make us stop fulfilling our calling as missionaries and stop the work from progressing but we know that there is nothing that he can do to stop me and Elder Watene here so we will just keep working. We also got to see the First Presidency Christmas Devotional Broadcast in Canaman so that was nice as well it made it feel more like Christmas for me because honestly it does not really feel like Christmas here in the Philippines because it is hot and no snow and all the Christmas Trees are fake but that is okay some people have Christmas lights but it is okay with me because for the Lord I can sacrifice what I need to for him because I know that the blessing will be some much greater for me and my family. I know that this work is the work of the Lord and this work is not just for missionaries alone but for all members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints alike and that as we try our best to share the gospel we will be blessed I know this to be true. I wish you all the best from the Philippines this Christmas Season.
With Much Love,
Elder Chilson         

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